altFIRE Technologies is now able to offer customers their very own VPS (Virtual Private Server) with WordPress pre-installed and ready to configure! What’s more, we’ll also give you a FREE .com domain name and set up an info@ email address (forwards to your current address) too. This give you everything you need to get your business online. Because of VPS technology, your website will be super fast, and you can build it yourself at your own leisure with no large development fees or waiting on someone else. YOU are the webmaster!


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More and more consumers are using mobile devices to consume content, browse social media and make purchases, so websites need to keep up with the new devices visitors are using. Responsive Design is a web development technique that allows your site to dynamically resize in order to display beautifully across whatever resolution of device, tablet, or smartphone that your visitors use.
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We really wanted to do something different for local artist Michael Stafford, so we came up with this simple, geometric design and wrote lots of custom code to handle information and his visual pieces. The resulting site is very friendly to all types of devices and scores quite well on SEO tests. A new type of caching and the absense of any WooCommerce elements allows the site to load incredibly fast too.


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WordPress 4.5, code-named “Coleman”, was released just a few hours ago and our systems have already starting rolling it out to customer sites.

It is the first MAJOR WordPress release of 2016, and comes with some exciting new features. It will also come with some problems (mainly for third party plugins) so if you see anything odd, wait a few days and give the developers a chance to fix things. Your site will automatically pull down the fixes, rest assured. An example of something broken we spotted was the custom login pages. The developers are already on the case.

Among the new fixes and improvements are:

Login With Email

Many online services like Facebook, Twitter, etc. let you sign in not only by using your username but also with your email address. While you can easily forget your username, most people don’t forget their email address.


WordPress 4.5 allows users to sign in using either their username or email address as username.

Inline Link Editor
One of the keyboard shortcuts in WordPress is CTRL+K (Command+K on Mac), which allows you to insert links in posts. Until 4.4.2, it opened the insert link popup which was a bit distracting.
In WordPress 4.5, pressing CTRL+K shows an inline insert link menu.


Simply type the URL and continue writing your post without removing hands from keyboard.

Optimized Image Generation Performance

Responsive images were one of the major improvements in WordPress 4.4, which allowed WordPress to show smaller image sizes to users on smaller screens. WordPress 4.5 takes it to a new level by improving the performance of how WordPress generates image sizes. Previously, WordPress used 90 for the image quality when compressing images. Now it will use 82, which produces nearly identical images with much smaller sizes.

Theme Logo Support

Adding a logo to your site from customizer has been a long awaited feature. Many premium WordPress themes allowed users to set logos from theme options, but there was no standard way to do it. With WordPress 4.5, theme developers are now able to enable theme support for logo. This will allow users to set a logo for their website using the customizer.

Other Features

There are many other additions. Also look out for these minor changes, mostly aimed at developers:

  • Updated Libraries – WordPress 4.5 comes with new versions of bundled libraries for Underscores, Backbone, jQuery, and jQuery Migrate.
  • Selective Refresh in Customizer – Previously, some changes in customizer required entire page reload. WordPress 4.5 comes with a framework to allow selective refresh in the customizer. It is fast and will allow developers to do great things with live previews. (WP issue #27355).
  • Customizable Embed Templates – WordPress 4.4 introduced embeds which allowed users to embed posts from their own and other WordPress blogs. WordPress 4.5 makes embed templates customizable so that theme authors can adjust embed display to match their theme. (WP issue #34561)
  • WP_Site Class – WordPress 4.5 comes with WP_Site class for multisite WordPress installs. (WP issue #32450)
  • Script Loader – WordPress 4.5 introduces wp_add_inline_script() which makes it easier to add inline scripts. (WP issue #14853, WP issue #35873)